Full Tilt Poker has reopened its tables this morning!

We are November 6, 2012, great day for poker players which marks the termination of the stoppage of service of Full Tilt Poker. From now on, it is possible to play on the tables at Full Tilt Poker with money real. It is also today the first day of the Deal Me In promotion mentioned to you by PokerCollectif: Promotion Deal Me In on Full Tilt Poker.

If you already have funds in your account, you can use them to play at the tables. Alternatively, you can make a deposit using the bonus code of the promotion Deal Me In (see article on the Deal Me In promo for more details). A third option is available to you; the bail out your Full Tilt Poker account using your PokerStars account.

If not already done, we encourage you to pair your Full Tilt Poker account to your PokerStars account. To do so, nothing simpler. Open your two accounts, Full Tilt and PokerStars. In the PokerStars lobby, click "Requests" and "Transfer to Full Tilt". Next, you will proceed to follow (very simple). You'll get a code for pairing your account.

Do the same thing in the Full Tilt Poker lobby. You will be asked the digital code that you got on PokerStars to complete the operation. Once that is done, you can also well send funds from FTP to PokerStars than the reverse. According to testimony that was received, the repair operation take between 5 and 45 minutes to complete. She however has the advantage of being very safe!

This morning, more than 40,000 players were already present on the tables of FTP and there was even the action on NL1000 and NL2000 tables. We even saw Isildur1 fun 100nl tables (it that usual as $ 100 is a blind and not a buy-in!).

As good news, there were some improvements on the Full Tilt Poker software. Remember, at the end October on 2 + 2, Shyam Markus (former FTPDoug), unveiled a few changes to the software quality has so often been touted. Among the changes, it will be possible to multitable more quickly in cash game or SNG via the use of a button that will open one or more table (s) identical (s). Heads up players will have also an option to multiply the tables against same opponent.

Other news that affects only a few people, the highest tables will be limited to tables of $ 400 / $800. In the past, FTP had tables of $ 500 / $ 1000 on which it was possible to see play Phil Galfond. Therefore, tables will be limited to this limit. According to Shyam Markus, if demand is there for more high tables, tables can be opened, but for now, according to him, it is already not bad!

For now, the traffic on the tables looks good (around 40,000). But the question is if it's only passenger, a rush of reopening or if ca is going to continue so long ago? Many players do not hide to say they will play a little, withdraw their money and leave the poker room. Is that new players will fill the vacuum of the departure of these former players? The future will tell us.

Good poker at all!

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