Everest offers $ 1 million of bonus to the winner of a WSOP seat

Everest Poker online poker site comes up with a unique promotion that will benefit all players are qualified for the 2009 WSOP through their site. Everest will follow the performance of all players is qualified via their website and make the cumulative awards these players during the Main Event. Everest intends to give the same amount as the total of awards to those players, up to $ 1 million competition, to redistribute it among all players who qualified for the Main Event through their website.

The promotion name $1 Million Match, gives the opportunity to all players are qualified for the WSOP through Everest to make money, even though they came out on the first day of the tournament. For example, if 100 players earn their entry through Everest and a dozen of them amass $ 500,000 in scholarships, this will give $ 5,000 bonus for each player.

According to Sondre Wasses, representative for Everest Gaming, the site has made the effort to send as many Europeans as possible at the WSOP by becoming an official sponsor for the WSOP last year. "This year, we want to offer one more reason to qualify here. The bonus will give the opportunity to everyone to make money, even if they are eliminated early. A bonus for you thank qualify you with us."

There are several ways to qualify for the WSOP through Everest Poker, some for as little as $ 3. You will be able to inform you for the steps sit-' no-gos and other tournaments on the lobby of Everest. Note that this promotion does not apply to residents of the United States.

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