The new French law

The rooms react already in the new law on the opening to competition of the games and online betting, voted on April 6.

Indeed, from d today (April 9) at 4 p.m., the rooms of the Cake network (including, inter alia, Cake Poker, Doyle s Room, Power Poker, The Greek, and several others) have already announced as they n went more to allow gamers french to play cash on their site. Players s connect to withdraw their funds, but will no longer play on real money tables.

Although the law is not yet promulgated, the Cake network goes before l. Some major sites are also preparing (or are already in some cases!) to s adapt to future French legislation. C is the case of PokerStars.

The Act provides that the State will collect 7.5% updates for players, for sports betting and horse racing and 2% of updates for poker with a ceiling fixed at 1 euro by hand a portion of these revenues are also assigned to the fight against addiction to games. A site does not comply with this law can be blocked, just like financial transactions between banks French players and illegal sites.

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