The legal online poker in the United States; not before 2013

Last December, PokerCollectif had spoken you of a bill seeking to legalize online poker in Nevada in particular and everywhere where "online poker was not clearly prohibited". PokerStars supported this Bill. Here, it was great news.Bill informed us that: "online poker is widely practiced all over the world" and "the laws governing this game are unclear" what was not fake. In 2012, it is high time that it is set the issue once for all on online poker and as one stops to be left in uncertainty.

This project (which could make us optimistic about the future of online poker in the United States) suggested that casinos can offer the online poker without taxes in hotels with the specificity of a 4% tax on the profits that non-residents of Nevada will have generated.

Last Friday, these bursts of optimism have slowed with the adoption of the Payroll Tax Extension Bill by the Congress in the United States. Many anticipated that Internet poker regulation is attached to this Bill, but unfortunately, Senator Harry Reid announced that no passage dealt with online poker.

A comment published in the Las Vegas Review Journal reflected the pessimism out of the Payroll Tax Extension Bill: "the fact that no mention of online poker has been made in Payroll Tax Extension Bill means that the doors are closed for 2012". These lines are from the pen of Howard Stutz, a specialist in the field of online games.

Still, nothing is certain, but no other text of Act in the near future is likely to deal with online poker in the United States. For this reason, we excluded 2012 as the year of the legalisation of poker online in the United States.

Hope that it is wrong. PokerCollectif remains very attentive to this folder. The information will be sent to you as soon as known.

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