The European online gaming industry

In 2009, Internet gaming accounted for 7.9% of all the silver d game industry. In 2010, the rate rose to 8.6%. If the trend continues, this figure could increase to 9.5% in 2012. In 2009 the global industry of silver Grandmaster was 26.6 billion. The end of 2010, this figure could reach the 30.4 billion and probably the 36.5 billion for 2012. This is not nothing.

Europe alone represents 42.6% of the international market. It's huge. And it is not random. The entry into force of the UIEGA Act is for something. Remember what UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) is American law which, in practice, prevents the citizens of the United States to play online. This law has been strongly criticized for several reasons. First, US players can continue to bet online, on sites based abroad by pouring their money by l intermediate of electronic payment systems. Secondly, there is a shortfall evident for the gambling companies of the United States, which have not the right to start their own site. Thirdly, the illegal players don't enjoy any protection. If you have a problem with a room of poker, for example, the State does you will no support. Obviously, many people criticized this Act specifying, and with reason, that every adult has the right to entertain and spend his money as he please.

If I recall the fact, it is that is happening the same thing in France. A petition was launched to denounce the control of the State on the online game. You can hear their discourse and consult the petition at the following address:

The latest published figures indicate that for now, it is PokerStars and Everest Poker which are the two most popular sites in France. The other rooms are waging a fierce war. Many think that Winamax will very soon make advantage of the top 5 with its new promotions and others believe that Full Tilt Poker (currently ranked third), might slip to the top 2 or 3 in a few months.

This war between game room currently has the advantage that they will try in coming weeks to offer the best that is to his players and future players. PokerCollectif will attempt to keep you informed of these new developments! Keep an eye open to enjoy!

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