The DoJ could repay in part FTP players

Yesterday,PokerCollectif announced the withdrawal of the licence remained suspended since June last of FTP

This bad news had what frustrate players with money on this site. Despite this discouraging news, FTP was reassuring through a release: "not to mention the potential damage inflicted by the Commission and its lack of respect towards our players [it was that FTP casts the blame on someone else], Full Tilt Poker reiterates its commitment to fully repay its players and continue the negotiations." A press release will follow shortly".

For its part, the U.S. Justice Department also sent reassuring messages: "the Government tries to identify every victim of a given case, and provide the information needed to access the"victim Notification system"to these victims.

The office of the Prosecutor also tries to get the books of accounts of the company, most of which are abroad. The return of the money confiscated for the benefit of victims of fraud may be possible, but will depend on several factors. Hand, this refund will be proportional to the amount confiscated by the Court and the cooperation of the DoJ in this case. The amount total entered by the DOJ between June 28, 2007 and June 28, 2011 is approximately $ 331 million what to at the outset seems sufficient to repay all blurry players.

Obviously, reimbursement of the players will not be in shouting chisel and need to be patient. It's a matter of several weeks, or even several months.We will keep you abreast of any new development in this case.

Last updated: September 30, 2011, 12:50: agreement between Tapie and FTP group

A statement released recently tells us that:

"Laurent Tapie, Director-general of the Bernard Tapie group today announced that the Group had concluded an exclusive agreement with the direction of Full Tilt Poker for the acquisition of the company and all its assets. "

This agreement, which includes the repayment of all Full Tilt Poker players in the world, is subject to several conditions; the first of these is a favourable outcome to the ongoing negotiations with the DoJ. "They also begin immediately."

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