The Alderney Gambling Control Commission made a mistake of $172M

The Department of Justice of United States had, apparently, seized $ 331 million dollars in the case of Full Tilt Poker. This news was encouraging as is projected with this money, FTP players may be reimbursed.

Today we learn that there is an error. And here is far from being a small error; 172 M$. Indeed, in a communiqué issued yesterday, the AGCC minimizes the seized by saying that there was error in the figures.
According to other sources, estimated at $ 159 the actual funds seized by the DoJ.

The AGGC release reads as follows [free translation PokerCollectif]:

"The AGCC wishes to correct an erroneous statement contained in one of the publications of the Court at the hearing of FTP. The quote is as follows: "the individual seized by the Department of Justice between the period from June 28, 2007 to June 20, 2011 was estimated at $331M in US dollars. "The proofs have demonstrated us that $331M was unavailable this time FTP funds and obviously, the DoJ was able to capture only a portion. On the other hand, this error has nothing meaningful in the judgment of the Commission".

The $159M actually seized would, according to other sources, more sense. 115 M$ would have been seized until Black Friday and between 35 M$ and 40 M$ thereafter.

The error comes from a document called Document JS21 (I). It is this document that would have misled everyone.

There is not yet on the source of this document. Who is the author? According to Full Tilt Poker, this document was produced by the AGCC. Other sources tell us that this document has been created by Full Tilt Poker. The AGCC refuses to answer today on the real origin of this document.

Other sources still put the blame on both parties. According to what PokerCollectif has learned, the document could have been achieved by the AGCC which would have obtained information from the mouth of FTP and their financial analysts.

Hard to know who put the fault. In short, an error of 172 M$, nothing less.

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