The ARJEL combines with the AAMS

The title sounds like Chinese for you? If you are a used (e) PokerCollectif news, you already know that (ARJEL) online gaming regulatory authority is an independent administrative authority, specially provided to regulate gambling on the Internet in France.

With regard to the Amministrazione autonoma dei monopoli di stato (AAMS or autonomous Administration of State monopolies Italian if you prefer), it is the Italian equivalent of the ARJEL.

This alliance is not completely surprising. A year ago, at a Franco-Italian Symposium, collaboration between the ARJEL and AAMS had already been mentioned.

To date, we know that these two organizations want to work together, but the details of this collaboration are yet unsung. The advertised details are that these two organizations want to "Exchange information", but nobody yet knows the scope of this statement. What types of information is it? You don't know it yet. We also put on the exchange of institutional contacts.

According to Jean-François Vilotte (President of the ARJEL) and Raffaele Ferrara (Director of AAMS), this collaboration was needed to increase their importance and their influence in the eyes of the European Community. These two agencies to locate as a model for other European countries.

Jean-François Vilotte on the need for a France-Italy collaboration:

"The two countries are convinced of the need for a national regulatory system, to protect the market and consumers and ensure the sincerity of the operators as well as sports groups. The Italy and the France also have the intention to protect their economies: the demand for gaming and betting is strong, it is therefore necessary to offer products in a lawful manner, otherwise players will be attracted to illegal sites. »

This alliance is the informal moment and should become official as early as next June, so that it will be signed.

In the coming days, the ARJEL and AAMS should provide by release, more information about this alliance. We will then know the scope of it. Could the ARJEL ally itself with other European Agency? In the future more or less far, when several agencies thus have signed alliances, could see them merge into a larger agency such as a European Agency which control gambling anywhere in the old continent? It remains to be seen. PokerCollectif you will obviously informed when information is available.

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