PokerStars could return to New Jersey soon according to a Senator

Ray Lesniak, Senator from New Jersey, recently said on Twitter that PokerStars may be launched in New Jersey faster than expected.

According to his words, there is sharing of liquidity with foreign countries.

"To quote Lesniak:" "[is to] arrival more important than many people imagine." The launch of PokerStars will breathe new life into Atlantic City. "[This is a good news] for the millions they will invest and jobs they will create".

In his words, there will be a big announcement on this subject and the announcement will not be made in several months, but in weeks, at most.

Lesniak again: "the next step is the international [...] It's going to change everything for Atlantic City, both through sports betting and PokerStars."

In addition to information in this new, here is what one could read in a press statement about Amaya date of last August: "Amaya received the go-ahead to prepare the return of PokerStars and Full Tilt." They have more than a month to comply with the regulations in force in the State and fulfil all their obligations, before a formal licence and to open their doors to the players."

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