Poker winnings taxed in France?


This is at least what an article published in Le Parisien (the players of poker in the crosshairs of the IFCS) date of May 29, 2011. A very real possibility say some. Others say a total bluff.

According to the article, winning poker players revenue is considered a job in the same way as any other work: "even if the amounts are variable when the gains are regular, it is a professional income subject to the payment of the income tax."

According to a tax agent, if you do all your profits by playing cards, this activity must be imposed and you must do as all other workers and put a % of your earnings to the tax authorities.

As you know, pay a tax on its earnings from poker is something really hard to manage. A winning player will probably be a positive year, but the downswings are part of the business. And even if the majority of the downswings have a short time (1 week to several weeks), for some players, it can extend to several months. Will we have the right of tax credit for our time of "run bad"? Will have on the right to a social benefit cheque month where we will be losers?

By thus imposing poker players revenues, the french taxman plays the role of the stakeur in "win - win" situation; If you win, I take 40% of your earnings. If you lose, I assume 0% of your losses because you have a gambling problem.

You can even read the testimony of a winning poker player who fought with the tax authorities. Here are a few lines: "some months, I earned between €50,000 and 100." €000. At the time [2005] I was one of the biggest player French on the Internet. [...] In four months, I had to remove €200,000 to my Bank. I have nothing stated to taxes, in good faith, I didn't think that money was taxable. They were calling me 40%, most penalties related to the fact that I had played on unauthorized sites. Altogether, the tax authorities wanted paid him nearly €130,000 "."

One day, he told that poker is a game of chance and that it can file its profits in his bank account without problem and another, he told that he is at fault, and that he must pay penalties for having played on unauthorized sites. The speech seems a bit hypocritical to you? Especially when you consider that these sites are illegal mainly because they offer a "gambling" activity, in other words, because they are "gambling".

Impose a tax on poker winnings does not says the road master Éric Haber, lawyer. According to him: "the administration bluffing by a certain interpretation of tax legislation. According to French case law, poker is a game of chance. And games of chance are not taxed. So why here should pay tax?"

The state here is a double discourse. When a poker site online as presents its product to the french market, it is illegal because poker is a game of chance and is harmful to the citizens. When they make a profit with this game, now it's a strategy game, and this game profits should be taxed. Before imposing the poker, the France must clearly decide whether poker is a game of strategy and chance.

Kick bluff or sad reality?

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