Poker in Hawaii: Bill on ice

Recently, PokerCollectif spoke you of a new Bill trying to Hawaii new poker Harbour to the United States. Hawaii has had economic difficulties lately and Senators thought that poker could help revive the economy of the most recent American States.

This project has been on the ice and no bill on live poker and online poker will be presented before the year 2012 in Hawaii (which has nothing to do with the last events of the "black friday").

The reasons given are that poker would have adverse effects on tourism. Dianne Kay, President of the Coalition against the legalization of the game in Hawaii, "the legalization of the game would introduce an undesirable element in our islands and have a very negative impact on the tourism industry".


Yet Bill 755 acknowledges as Texas Hold'em and Omaha are games of skill and should not be perceived in the same way as wheels games and slot machines to take just these examples.

According to credible estimates, each poker site which would have been in Hawaii reported ~ 100 million dollars a year to the State.

The people of Hawaii are known to be close to their roots. This project would have required a significant transformation of the landscape and architecture. Many associations are fighting against. According to them, this Bill has several negative consequences: major changes to the landscape, increase in crime due to the gambling activities, increase in nocturnal activities, alcohol consumption increases, increased pollution due to these activities, etc.

According to them, the USA already have places of choice for playing gambling or Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Why the USA would need a new paradise of the game?

Hawaii and Utah are the only two States in the USA where money games are completely illegal. Land of the free?

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