New release on the part of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission

More news came out since last week on the future of Full Tilt Poker, but obviously, it still remains and to the questions left pending. For now, the last new worthy of mention is the communiqué issued by the Alderney Gaming Control Commission directed players to FTP.
The recent press release reads as follows:
"Following the revocation of its licences, the AGCC no longer has authority to act as intermediary or arbitrate problems or disputes of Full Tilt players (with the exception of the players registered under a Swiss address). Players may use the following alternatives:
1 - He was asked at Full Tilt to provide a specific contact for gamers: the response is expected and will be incorporated here after receipt.
2. any player who thinks being a victim of a crime arising out of his relationship with Full Tilt, should in the first instance contact the local police of their country of residence and report them the facts. These reports are then coordinated and centralized.
3 - We note that a number of civil actions have been initiated by players against Full Tilt, some as class actions representing several players via the Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States attorneys. The details of these firms may be consulted via Internet research."
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