Legal Poker soon on Unibet

Unibet has just received a license from the ARJEL for sports betting and horse racing.

Soon, this is a license for poker it will receive. She will then compete with the poker of this world. Competition in France becomes increasingly fierce, especially since several of these rooms have a 5 months on Unibet marketing lead. Unibet is most recognized for its betting, but have what compete the Everest Poker and Winamax of this world. At the level of traffic however, Unibet is far from the Full Tilt and pokerstars. Maybe things will change a bit with time.

Several experts say that Unibet should be evidence of much imagination to catch up to 5 months on other poker rooms already present in France and having already licensed because according to them, the french market is small and there is no place for everyone. In our opinion, if Unibet has become a reference and a leader in sports betting, they will surely have arguments of sizes well to rank in the world of the french online poker. It's still to follow.

In 2003, Unibet had 250,000 registered over 40 different countries. Unibet currently nearly 2 million players from 150 different countries.


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