EspaceJeux expands: British Colombia finally ready!

espacejeux-playnow-poker-en-ligneAfter a few months of delay, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation finally followed and joined the platform of Loto-Québec and its EspaceJeux site.

Since its opening, PlayNow (the site of British Colombia) has experienced several problems and was forced to close for a month and, a few hours after its official opening. PlayNow delays have forced EspaceJeux to go it alone during the launch of the Pan-Canadian poker platform. But with two and a half months of delay, the BCLC announced that she was finally ready to open its poker division.

The arrival of poker at PlayNow is double good news for players of EspaceJeux: first, the network has just taken a serious expansion because the entire British Colombia will now share the same platform as EspaceJeux. The population of British Colombia is more than 4.5 m inhabitants (in comparison, Quebec a 7.8 m inhabitants). It is therefore an important players addition. Also, to celebrate the arrival of players from Western Canada, a $ 100,000 freeroll will be available to all players, including members of EspaceJeux. This freeroll worth $ 100,000, has a structure almost identical to that of $ 250,000 which was completed recently. Qualifications are started since yesterday and the grand finale will be held on March 27.

So finally a good news for poker pan-Canadian network: after delays in the BCLC and the discontinuance of the maritime provinces who announced earlier in a few weeks notice that they would back off and would not play online, offer the Canadian State network only covered only 23% of all Canada. With the arrival of PlayNow, this percentage now increases to 36%. The Ontario Lottery and Gambling Corporation announced also ago several months that they would probably join EspaceJeux and Playnow in 2012. A network of poker available to the three largest Canadian provinces would thus cover two-thirds of the Canadian population.

Discuss the arrival of British Colombia on the EspaceJeux network by clicking the following link: EspaceJeux enlarges and offers a $ 100,000 freeroll.


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