EUR 300 million invested in legal french sites

The president of the ARJEL confided in an interview with the newspaper Parisien that the response of the french players is good. To date, EUR 300 million has been spent on members of the ARJEL online poker sites, in other words, legal sites. Obviously, the amount of money invested in online poker is much larger if one adds all other sites that are not governed by the ARJEL.


EUR 105 million are spent in the cash games of poker online and EUR 200 million was invested in tournaments (on average, EUR 2 million per day). According to Jean-François Vilotte, president of the ARJEL, this is good news and it is a sign that the French are turning increasingly to governed by the ARJEL online poker rooms.

For foam figures, he talks about 2.1 billion euros invested in online poker sites governed by the ARJEL explaining every euros tabled on a site will be staked on average 20 times. Probably another way to say that the collection of the rake is well underway. President confirms that there is more and more a migration of players to so-called illegal to legal sites and controlled sites.

On the impossibility of the players to play against foreign competition, he said: "I understand the frustration, but as long as there is no international standard of regulation, it is impossible to admit that one half of the players at a table can operate in the shadows. At the time of the audits of software and computer systems different poker sites candidates to obtain an approval, we discovered very worrying technical irregularities which players could be victims, and which have been corrected".

According to Mr Vilotte, a French spend an average 70euros per week in tournament poker and € 100 per week in sports betting.

During this time, the fight against illegal sites continues: "we sent 80 warnings to illegal sites. 95% have spontaneously ceased their activity."For one, it took a court ruling that compels Internet providers to block the site".

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