California does will not until 2012 on games online


We agree with the remarks made by the president of the Senate Darrell Steinberg in his recent letter: California has every interest to develop legislation on online games, do for financial and budgetary reasons. On the other hand, nothing will happen before 2012. The reason? To allow time to refine the Bill. So, after Nevada who questioned the legality of poker online, now that California is interested in the subject, one of the most influential States in the United States.

Legislators are still too many questions to legislate. For example, what kind of game will be accepted and legal? What will be the operators who will be eligible to apply for a licence? In California, the legislative year ends on September 9. Steinberg believes that equitable and acceptable solutions will not be found by this date unfortunately.

Two bills that would authorize gambling online are currently competing in California. The first intends to make legal all forms of online games. The second intends to make legal only poker (project supported by the California Poker Association).

This combination also made publicity shock radio. The ads tell us that:

Unfortunately, the means granted to nurses, police officers, firefighters and most support services poor and disabled will be all deleted if California does not find $ 4 billion in new revenues by December.

There is a solution. In approving the poker online, California has the ability to immediately enter its coffers $ 250 million waiting to reap billions in the coming years".

Enough shock as ad. A way to take people by the feelings and have them on their side so that they accept and comply with the poker online.

For the moment nothing is decided yet, but with the end of the year approaching, should not delay to get news from Darrell Steinberg thereon. Senator Harry Reid, main supporter of a national-level permission, for his part clearly suggested that a regulation would intervene.

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