launches Win

This morning, we learned that one of the biggest poker site online,, in addition to his poker, its bingo, sports betting and casino, launched in the social gaming company.

Lately, social gaming has had a very large effect and has been very lucrative for some companies and hopes to capitalize on its investment of 50 million dollars (40 million euros) to establish its new game studio called "Win". plan has already been implemented and includes the following:

1 - Put in place a new game studio called "Win" with its own team of developers

2 - Develop and launch a new social gaming application

3 - Buy for the sum of $ 23 million cash a portion of the shares of Velasco Services Inc. and Orneon Limited, which will accelerate the market entry process intends to offer its players a wide selection of games to provide a complete gaming experience. According to them, this will be possible within the next 2 years.

The high places at hope that the momentum of this new platform of games will help solidifying its place in the market and hopes to attract a new clientele.

For the interview with representatives of, we invite you to listen to the following video (in English):

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