When Lisa Simpson turns Poker!

PokerCollectif had announced you earlier; in the season 24 of the Simpson, Lisa would to play poker! Episode 4 of season 24 appeared so recently and we saw the result.

For the curious, you can go read the reactions on Twoplustwo: Reactions to the season 4 episode 24 of the Simpsons (with some spoilers of course).

In the episode, a stars invited will be the coach of Lisa, Jennifer Tilly. She made a cameo appearance in which she gives advice to Lisa that suddenly a passion for poker online, the time of an episode.

Remember that Sam Simon who works with the team that creates the Simpsons since many years already, was previously married to Jennifer Tilly, either from 1984 to 1991.

In this episode, Homer becomes convinced that online poker sites become safer to place his money than banks (nice irony when we think back to the black friday).

Lisa will learn to play through the books and DVDs (it is in one of the DVDs that we see Jennifer Tilly).

Here are the free translation of two of his responses:

"The episode gives rather a positive vision of the poker. Lisa is the most responsible character in the series. History shows trying to bet money without the slightest bankroll management and turn $5,000 into 400,000 (or something like that) very quickly and with ease. Rather than putting it on the back luck, the writers attributed his success to his intelligence in him read books and watch DVDs of coaching. And when she eventually lose everything, this is not the end of the world as it is that it is Bart who won his money. And despite that they played were minors, they have the right to recover their initial deposit and all ends well."

"Lisa Simpson, your bankroll management is atrocious, your reading skills more than unreliable, and your knowledge of the theory of poker is an abomination." I have no idea how you could turn $5,000 into 300,000, but it clearly took you lucky. Donk!"

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