Whales: A new TV on the poker series

Several films have already been made on the poker, a few reality shows have also been, but no TV series was conducted on poker. It is the void that Whales series wants to fill, she who will portray the daily life of poker players moving to Las Vegas to participate in the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Jenji Kohan and Matthew Salsberg, the creators of the series Weeds, which are behind this project are. Episodes that will be broadcast on Showtime will have a duration of 30 minutes. We will witness the everyday life of young poker players who want to participate (and shining), at the WSOP. A few people already pointed out the similarities between this upcoming series and the series Entourage, the difference that the series Entourage youth want to shine in the world of cinema and not poker.

No release date for the series has yet been advanced.

You can discuss this news by clicking on the following link: television series about poker.



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