Tobey Maguire for free for 80K and Sharkscope joined GamRep


Tobey Maguire for free for only 80K

PokerCollectif had spoken you this summer of clandestine parties that organized several famous people in California. Among these poker players, Tobey Maguire (known for his role in Spider-Man).

Maguire had problems with justice for winning $ 300,000 at the hands of Bradley Ruderman, a fairly well known figure in the underworld, in short, a notorious Grifter. The fact of participating in clandestine poker games is already not very legal, if more these parties are done with dirty money, risk prison if these parties come to the ears of the Justice.



In all, 21 people who have been accused of having participated in clandestine poker games is, but lights have mainly been placed on Maguire who had stripped the one who played probably with stolen money, Bradley Ruderman.
Today, Maguire must be relieved to know that he was given an easy decision to take: the prison or $ 80,000. Even by paying its fine, it remains still winning 220 k only to poker. Probably the most obvious as Maguire call snap will have to make during his "career" of poker player.

Sharkscope joined the GamRep network

Sharkscope is a well known site of sitNgos players. On this site, some services are pay and others free. Sharkscope, this is a huge database of the results of players from sitNgo on several sites (PokerStars, Everest, iPoker, etc). When you want to know the latest results of a sitNgo player seated at your table, it is on Sharkscope you look. Today, this giant allied himself with GamRep, a probably less well known site.

In their own words, GamRep is the specialist of web monetization of media wishing to better monetize their audience with the gambling sector.

GamRep helps its clients to increase their average advertising revenue per visitor. Following this news, John Sanson, President and CEO of GamRep commented: "after massively recruiting, french operators are more attentive to the player value of their players. Thanks to Sharkscope we offer the same service to the poker operators by increasing the volume of play of their clients'.

For players who are not already aware, the application Sharkscope is sold at the price of $4.99 on the iPhone. Many options are available on this iPhone version that connects directly on the site of Sharkscope.

As for the usual Sharkscope, should subscribe to enjoy unlimited lookups. But be aware that by acquiring the iScope or aScope (the version for Android) application, you'll enjoy 200 research during your purchase. If you are already member of Sharkscope, you will have another 200 free search. You can buy several packages including $ 1 to 11.99 per month for 150 searches per day.

Agreement between two authorities

On November 22, the Gambling Supervision Commission and the Danish Authority signed a bilateral cooperation agreement (effective early 2012). This agreement will aim to exchange information between the authorities. The consequences of this new are for the moment minimal, but the impact could be greatest in the years to come. This new official release can be viewed here: Gambling Supervision Commission and Danish Gaming Board.

This agreement we are told, as a aims to make the prevention of the financing of terrorism by online betting sites. A list of recommendations have been made following this agreement and can be read here:

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