The NFL continues its war against the poker!

The National Football League (NFL) takes another decision to say the least, questionable. In fact, Shannon Eastin, 42 years, could well become the first woman referee in the NFL until one discovers his dark past. In fact, Shannon Eastin participated in the WSOP in 2006 and 2007. What a crime!

She also had good figure during his visit at the WSOP realizing profits of more than $ 20,000 taking part in tournaments with $ 1500!

The NFL says its decision by the fact that Tim Donaghy (a former NBA referee) bet on NBA games. Logical not?
No, obviously.

This is not the first time that the Cree NFL high and strong disagreement towards poker. You can on this subject read an opinion piece written by Sebasdess: OPINION - the NFL in war against poker?

The NFL says: "gambling is an unacceptable activity for any official in the National Football League. Such activity constitutes a lack of integrity and can affect the confidence that the public will have in its decisions and the image of the NLF".

Let's say that the NFL never fail to jump quickly to conclusions! Poker has not yet good image in all areas!

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