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Attention to the false "durrrr"

Tom Dwan announced yesterday on his Twitter that a fake Facebook account has been created and that this person quémandait money. Dwan has announced that he will never exchange money with a person if he never told him orally before. And to be logical, it seems to me that if Dwan needs money, he has to sit on a table of poker, but good.


Phil Galfond takes over the top!

Phil Galfond in her last blog learned us recently that he found his love and his passion for poker. He who was in big downswing lately, took over almost all of its losses. On the other hand, he says he is so obsessed with poker these days, that it does not take sufficient time to sleep and he has been addicted to coffee! Galfond is an excellent example of determination.


A new purchase for 2 members of PokerCollectif

Congratulations to Sharon and General Irish which will be in August 2012, owner of a penthouse in the city 10-30!


Reading suggestion


Once more, excellent blog on the part of one who had told us the epic bet (and probably stupid he had with friends, INTERNETPOKERS: )


New blog for Gardiner

Speaking of blog, our friend and moderator of PokerCollectif Xavier "Gazou007" Jutras, has recently launched an interesting blog: come that Jutras (the author of the title of this blog is Theplux) you can read at the following address:

The author invites you to write to him to ask him questions of poker (or other). It undertakes, from time to time to respond to its readers.


Interview PokerCollectif


Speaking of "theplux", this month, PokerCollectif had an audio interview. You can hear the interview by visiting the following link: both funny and touching, theplux proves to be a very good jack as they say!

And for puirsuivre with the PokerCollectif interviews, we are currently reviewing our interviews. If everything goes as we want, the format of the interviews will be changed for the better in the near future!


Interview with Daniel Cates

Jungleman12, famous dreaded heads up player, alias Daniel Cates was recently the subject of an article published by the New York Times. You can read the article by following this link: & pagewanted = 1

For those who do not read English, a translation should be online soon. Striking quote from this article: "I do not know really what it means to lose $800K or earn $400K". It is true that Daniel is not half a million nearly in its finances.


Request for help!


Vook needs your help! If you're feeling generous, you can help him here:

An April Fool on the final table of a tournament


A fish of April took place at the final table of a tournament in Quebec. You can see the shot by watching this video:

Admit that you had never seen it, 2 players who fold AA preflop?


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Poker Strategy

New book: Jonathan Little on the cash games lives

in Review of book
A new book just published by D & B: Jonathan Little We Live No-Limit Cash Games 2 - The practice As you will have divine, the 400-page book deals for cash games lives, but in a very practical way. What we mean by "practice" is that it is the presentation of…