Proposals for changes to Texas Hold'em

Since the boom of Texas Hold'em, poker rooms have attempted to add some changes to the game. For example, in addition to the regular tables where each player has 100 big blinds, there are tables where each player is shortstack, tables deep (with 250 big blinds, sometimes more) tables with antes (as in tournaments), tables of Rush Poker and Zoom Poker (to name only a few), the option "Run It Twice" (draw twice the cards instead of one from the moment where a hand players are all-in)etc. The game evolves to diversify the choice of players.

These changes are designed to make the game more enjoyable. But these days, the TwoPlusTwo forum members are wondering if it is not possible to add other new features to Hold'em.

The well-known theorist David Sklansky himself made a few proposals.

First proposal: expose non-used cards (for example three before distributing, two before the flop and one before the turn). To read the comments, it occurs that this idea does not really seduced. Sklansky has itself added more far that this was not the best idea.

Second proposal: Sklansky launches two tracks in this thread. The first is that only the players in the blinds can resume. The second is that we cannot have ACEs or Kings preflop (if this happens, it redistributes). It is this proposal which has had the most success.

BluffingX has proposed the "LifeSaver token". It would be a joker allowing you to shoot a sixth community card after the River (some propose calling it the Ocean).

And you, what changes would you propose to Hold'em to make it more interesting?

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