Poker is a game of strategy according to the Erasmus University


PokerCollectif educated players include to have played often, that poker is logically and necessarily a strategy game. But this is not the conclusion to which all arrive. For example, in France, players poker pros are now exempt from taxes on their earnings and this is explained by the fact that poker is considered a game of chance mainly.

In the United States, the law that prohibits people from playing poker online (UIGEA) has as principle that poker is a game of chance. In short, if the United States recognized that poker is a game of strategy, should review the law prohibiting poker in American soil. This is the importance of deciding on the issue.

Several studies in recent years suggest that poker was a game of strategy. As of August 15, a contribution of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam published on the Social Science Research Network confirms that poker is indeed a game of skill and not a game of chance. The publication can also be accessed at: poker is a game of strategy according to the Erasmus University!

In the study, it is clear: "our studies have demonstrated that the address was an important factor in poker".

In this study, we studied a huge Bank of hands (415 million including 500,000 players). The purpose of the study is to see if players have way persitante gains. Winning money at poker on 1 hands, 10 hands or 100 hands is something very doable without knowledge of the game, but that could be linked to the luck factor. On the other hand, one can be lucky on millions of hands, it's going to be.

The study also established links between earnings and the style of the player. For example, according to this study, players participating in a tight-aggressive style had more success than players who have played a large and passive style. In addition, the performance of the people changes depending on the number of hands played. In other words, more a player hands of times, it is efficient.

It will be interesting to see in the coming months what influence will be this study on the vision of the other countries on the game. It should be noted that in Canada, poker is still considered as a game of chance.

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