Phil Galfond launches RunItOnce

Phil Galfond was less spoken to him since he left BlueFirePoker in unclear circumstances: departure of Phil Galfond of BlueFirePoker.

You can also read more about it here: BlueFirePoker says the departure of Phil Galfond.

This week, we learned that he handed his coach Jacket by launching his own website, RunItOnce!

A citation accompanies the site: "Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher." (which could result, "which is still better than 1000 days of applied studies is to spend a day with a good coach"). Poker, as we know, the errors are costly and therefore, know currency today at high prices.

RunItOnce has several good coaches: Di "Urindanger" and Hac 'trex313', brothers Steve "gboro780″ Gross, Jason Koon and James Obst (in addition to Phil Galfond of course).

This team has to "lead pro" Phil Galfond. Each week will be published videos of different variants of games. According to the team, "learn by looking at real things, the pros who review hands and sessions they have played. You can ask them questions directly".

The pros will be divided into two categories: essential and elite. You can take subscriptions for the month from $ 9.99 (or buy a premium per month package for $ 99.99 that gives you access to all the videos of Elite coaches). The price may seem high, but there are several videos of highstakes, which may be worth the price for high limit players.

RunItOnce will offer content on the Hold'em (cash games), the OLP (cash games) and tournaments (including the DSM). The website is also geared towards different media. You can follow coaches on Twitter, read their blog, participate in the discussion forums, etc. go to see the site for yourself, you'll see that it looks a very Web 2.0.

Remember finishing that Phil Galfond left BlueFirePoker in December 2011. In September 2012, he continued his partner at BFP and owner, William Murphy for reasons of non-payment.

Like free video 1st, Phil offers us the magazine of a PLO 200/400 session played against Ilildur1, Zigmund and Gus Hansen Sauce123. Interesting still for a free video: Video free coaching Phil Galfond PLO 200/400 against Sauce123, Isildur and Gus Hansen.

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