New educational video site:

Another instructional videos site has just been launched: But this site is a little different from the others. Its instructors include the biggest names in poker such as Annie Duke, Greg Raymer, Erik Seidel, Bill Chen, Alex Outhred, John Lukas, Mark Kroon, and Shawn Rice. Other names will be added soon.
Members can watch these pros play on several different limits tables, listening to their comments and explanations on how they have to play.

ProPlayLive has bet here on the big names rather than players who have success online, but are often unknown to the general public.

Instructor lead and champion 2004 main Event of the World Series of Poker, Greg "FossilMan" Raymer said: since 2008, we constantly accumulate videos from strategy and today we have a great collection of videos dealing with several variations played in several different limits, all commented by poker professionals.

Instructors of this site have contributed to achieve more than 100 instructional videos. Players can feel confident with a team that accounts for only about 18 WSOP bracelets and more than 20 million dollars in earnings.

Beverly Pipes, the Director of the site says: our goal is to provide quality educational videos poker players both online only to players who attend casinos, games rooms, or house parties, and this is what we do with instructors who have proven their skills in this game.

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New book: Jonathan Little on the cash games lives

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A new book just published by D & B: Jonathan Little We Live No-Limit Cash Games 2 - The practice As you will have divine, the 400-page book deals for cash games lives, but in a very practical way. What we mean by "practice" is that it is the presentation of…