May 2011: Some news in brief


Several small new in the world of poker you might today. In short here.

The documentary Drawing Dead

Have you heard of the documentary named Drawing dead? This is a 12-minute documentary available on Youtube. Drawing Dead tells the story of two young poker players for whom poker has changed their lives: Dusty Schmidt alias "Leatherass" who won $ 4 million in 7 years and Michael Korpi, who, because of his bankroll management problems, had some problems with online poker. Today, Korpi course the United States walk to inform about the dangers of online poker.

The documentary is available here:

Up to $500M blocked?

The Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance, John Pappas, there would be between 100 and 500 million dollars blocked on poker sites. He argues:

"I take no risk in saying that dozens, or even hundreds of millions of dollars are held in limbo since the action of the American Department of Justice. It is impossible to announce an exact figure. I would consider him at least $ 100 million if not 500 million. "It is difficult to estimate because there are people like me who have $ 56 on their account, but there are also about 100,000 professional players who have tens of thousands of dollars, or even for a handful of them a few million on their behalf", told USA Today.

The WSOP 2011 streaming live tournaments

The Organization of the World Series of Poker held its annual conference yesterday and announced some new features for its 42nd edition, including streaming, live streaming of the final tables of the events. In total, 58 final tables will be broadcast on the Internet. Good news for the railers and stakeurs which could not, for one reason or another, to go directly to Las Vegas. 

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Eric Boneta risk prison

Eric Boneta who has already appeared in the show High Stakes Poker is a player who has had great success these past years to poker. Has dubbed it Rolex since he sold Rolex watches through his company. Recently, Eric Boneta was arrested by American justice after a check at the airport of New York. He had in his possession for watches $ 2 million counterfeit from Hong Kong. Watches have obviously been seized and Eric will start by adjusting a fine of $ 325,000. The suite is coming.

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