Matusow has no debt to Full Tilt Poker

Recently, PokerCollectif spoke you of 19 Full Tilt Poker pros who were money (for a total of 16, 5 M$) to the poker room. The Bernard Tapie group would have also already contacted them to make arrangements for payments.

For more details, see the following article: 19 Full Tilt Poker pros have debts owed them.



Among the pros who have debts to FTP, the name of Mike Matusow is released. According to several sources, Mike would have approximately $ 700,000 debt to FTP. On his Twitter, dated as of February 4, it says: "to all my fans, I would simply say that I owe nothing to Full Tilt Poker. Why was my name mentioned? I do not know."

Yet the Tapie group lawyers are convinced that Matusow is in the Red of 700K to FTP.

According to the explanations of Matusow, this amount would correspond to it would have advanced on his own money and that Full Tilt Poker which sponsored at the time, would have not refunded buy-ins.

Counsel for the Bernard Tapie group, Matusow have not yet taken the trouble to contact them regarding this debt which, certainly, does not play in favour of Matusow. Why not taking bother to contact them to discuss this misunderstanding, misunderstanding there? Why did not want collaborate as soon as possible to clarify this mystery?

This story does however not Matusow play on high stakes tables while it is currently in the Paloma Card Club from February 7 to play the sessions of Mixed Games at $ 400 / $800. The latest news, it was winning $ 2,000 until the table breaks.

Is this a misunderstanding? Is that Matusow would run away simply a debt that he more or less means to pay?

PokerCollectif will give you more details when they become available.

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