IveyPoker.com will be a coaching site

No later than yesterday, PokerCollectif spoke you of a new website launched by Phil Ivey.

Several people wondered what was to become exactly the site of Ivey. Would that be a coaching website, a platform game or something else? Yesterday, Ivey ended questions by giving an interview to ESPN. It will be finally a coaching platform with as coaches, Greg Merson, Patrik Antonius, and Jennifer Harman.

In an interview, Ivey gives us some details on his site:

"I want to teach the world how to play better poker. [...] I have the feeling that there is a vacuum in the poker community. I'm talking about many poker with people and they tell me that they would like to learn to play, but they do not know where to start. It would be nice to be able to provide a response."

"There will be lessons by videos, either by myself or by the players of the team. We will answer the questions of the people and will learn them how to play. What are the important aspects: people will learn to play live. You can go to the website, it will be free. It will be a place where people can play freely. There is no levy."

"I'll teach people how to observe other players, how to adjust their game to their comments... I think I can teach some things, even if others spend only through the experience."

"Patrik Antonius, Jennifer Harman and Greg Merson will be part of the team, but I'm always looking for new partners. I want to choose carefully the people who join the adventure. It is not enough that they are good players. They must also be capable of transmitting their knowledge."

"Greg Merson is a player of cash game that gets excellent results." He has also won a bracelet. I played with him in a few tournaments and I have always been impressed by his style, so I said to myself that it corresponded perfectly to what I was looking for. One of the things that I like with him, it is his attitude. I like how he behaves when he wins or when he loses. [...] I believe that it will be on the circuit for a long time and will be very successful."

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