Ivey Poker "temporarily" closes his doors

In 2013, Phil Ivey launched IveyPoker, a poker videos website. Now, less than 18 months later, Ivey has decided to close his doors.

The official announcement was made on Twitter. Here is the post:

We've come a long way...

Since we launched our game here at Ivey Poker we've learned quite a few things... first and foremost is that a dedicated and loyal community is essential. So to our players, we felt we needed to communicate to you about some changes you'll be seeing over the coming months.

We plan on suspending the current game this Saturday, October 25th. Though that may sound ominous - it's actually just the first step in our evolution as we prepare to launch an even bigger and better gaming experience for you all in 2015. We do appreciate all you have done for us here at Ivey Poker; It has been a joy and a learning experience for all of us... and one that we hope will continue as we grow and evolve!

Stay tuned for more - the best is yet to come!

Therefore, the statement "we are preparing to launch a bigger and better gaming experience for you all by 2015". We say "the statement", because many have doubts in this regard.

By reading the comments of the poker community on Internet, we realizes that people are not very optimistic about the future of this site. According to many, the project has progressed very slowly and the management has changed several times. For others, the project has never really started.

The question that remains is therefore to know if, as the press release says, the site will return stronger than ever in 2015 or if it will end by sinking into oblivion?

Note that IveyPoker.com now redirects players towards the site of the Ivey League.

Case to follow.

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