Interview with Jean - Nicolas Verreault, spokesman for the Grand tournament of Poker Loto - Québec

J-N_119-20 will be held at the Casino du Lac-Leamy, large Poker Tournament Loto - Québec, a satellite tournament buy-in of $ 25,000!

This tournament will offer the winner 1 seat for the tournament at The Big One $ 1 million for One Drop in Las Vegas this summer, tournament which PokerCollectif has often talked about you.



To discuss, PokerCollectif contacted the spokesperson for this tournament, Jean-Nicolas Verreault comedian!

"" And at the outset, Jean-Nicolas tells us that he has always been a lover of strategy games: "I remember, I was about 10 years and we played with my family, my uncles, my aunts, etc, quite complicated games of cards, as Charlemagne and the Queen of Spades". He added: "I started very young to me interest in games, cards and games of strategy in general".

Jean-Nicolas was introduced to Texas Hold'em later, during the hockey strike, an excellent player and friend to him, Frédéric-Pierre. It has also initiated emission of poker seen on TV and strategy books.

He was also introduced to online poker, but he prefers live poker. He said: "Before a computer screen, I am getting impatient and I did not play my best poker". Although Jean-Nicolas control the cash games, sit'go and tournaments, he has a preference for live tournament adds. But with a slow structure! Precision on which it relies heavily. According to him, the slow structures encourage more good players than fast structures he also calls "crapshot".

As spokesperson of the Grand tournament of Poker Loto-Québec, Jean-Nicolas will also participate in the event. For its preparation, he somewhat replay certain concepts, will discuss with his friends in certain situations he wants to clarify tournament and it will organize a few sit'go with the best poker players in his entourage. Jean-Nicolas also participates in tournaments of poker with his gang, its 'home game' might say, with members such as Patrick Huard, Bruno Landry and Guy a.. Lepage.

His objective he adds, will finish at least in the top 16, with a trip to Vegas will be paid to attend the tournament The Big One.

A possible victory in this tournament followed by a money finish in the tournament The Big One for One Drop (as precision, the smaller stock exchange in this tournament will be over a million dollars) would not call into question his career because he loves what it does currently. A scholarship in this tournament would rather add several poker tournaments in its hourly cases. Several trips Poker would be the menu for him. A way for him to join the useful with the pleasant"in his own words!

For more details on the Grand tournament of Poker Loto - Québec, please visit the official website:

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