In April on PokerCollectif!

Dear members of PokerCollectif! Lots of action on our forums since the beginning of April and we believe that it is imperative to make a record!

Regular of our forums will surely be abreast of all the news, but for casual readers, here are some important/funny news of April 2013!

ChanMix WINS WPT Barcelona!

First news, ChanMix who won the WPT Barcelona! A young man who made his mark very quickly among the elite of the poker players in Quebec and you will still hear much talk!

On forums: ChanMix Champion WPT Barcelona on the forums of PokerCollectif.

In article: ChanMix WINS WPT Barcelona news on PokerCollectif.

The Dolce 4th of the Supersonic on PokerStars

Yesterday, on PokerStars tables, it Dolce has is spoiled by finishing 4th on 1366 entries in the $ 215 Supersonic! For his performance, he pockets $ 21,596. We are very pleased for him who does not hesitate to staker multi-player tournaments on our forums which have the precarious bankroll. A return of karma for the PokerCollectif of the flipage champion! As a reminder, Gazou007 held a contest on our forums a few years ago in which registrants should win a flip (with a coin) to move to the next round. After several turns and several flips to win consecutively, it's the Dolce, who won top honours!

A group of lottery

Last Saturday, the Jackpot for the Lotto 6/49 draw was 55 m $! 1 chance in 14 million to win 55 M$, a proposal + EV that members of PokerCollectif were not going to pass up! Therefore, a group was formed for the occasion and $ 1665 were collected. Unfortunately, a little less than $ 400 have been earned with all these tickets, but reinvested in the drawing of the next Lotto-Max which will be a jackpot of 20 M$. It is next Friday we will know whether or not we are millionaires!

Group Lotto PokerCollectif April 2013

Good luck to the participants!

The best Facebook statuses, JAJ strikes again!

Recently, a thread has been opened on the best Facebook statuses! Several interesting articles have been posted. Of course, this thread would not be complete without the contribution of JackAceJack (today Jules or simply JAJ). Best articles Facebook PokerCollectif

It comes to a love triangle around a Brazilian. We let you read more!

An interview PokerCollectif with JackAceJack could be to predict relatively to this case.

The Ouimet legend starts to play the MixedGames!

A few days ago, Ouimet had "ill calle" to his work. The real reason? He was losing $ 25,000 for the day and had no motivation to go work at $ 12 (something that we very well understand) time. Rather than go to work, he finished his day by man, positive from a few dollars.

Its future side poker was uncertain, but today, he decided to give a chance to the cards asking the staking! Thread of staking Ouimet to play mixed games.

The story does not say if Ouimet is still working for his employer.

Good luck at the tables to you and your stakeur Ouimet!

Note that a PokerCollectif with Ouimet interview could be published in may or June.

Bitcoin Pro

Lately, even the popular media began to talk about the popularity of the Bitcoin! To discuss with our members and our expert (Tayaout), you can visit the thread: Discuss of Bitcoin with Tayaout on PokerCollectif forums

If the topic interests you, you can also visit this thread: Bitcoin and Litecoin on PokerCollectif

Friendly game on the sidelines of the celebrity tournament!

For members who will participate in the celebrity tournament which will be held at the Casino du Lac-Leamy, April 20, 2013, you can take a look at this thread: friendly game on the sidelines of the celebrity gang PokerCollectif tournament

A friendly game will be held on the sidelines of this tournament! Opportunity to meet several members of PokerCollectif including Blackpoule!

Speaking of Blackpoule, a video interview of him soon to be published on our forums while Kidam him pose his questions face to face over a hearty lunch!

The Signal and the Noise!

If you are looking for a suggestion by reading a little on the margins of the poker, but that could be similarly rewarding for your poker, see the following thread: record of The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver

It is a book written by Nate Silver, The Signal and the Noise! In April 2009, Nate Silver is designated as one of the hundred most influential people in the world by the New York Times.

Discuss this news on PokerCollectif forums: in April on PokerCollectif!


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