Daniel Negreanu criticizes Annie Duke, Howard Lederer, Ray Bitar, and Full Tilt Poker

PokerCollectif spoke you last week of nominees to appear on the next Poker Hall of Fame.Parmi names, that of Annie Duke has of course made chat. For your information, Annie Duke is the sister of the famous Howard Lederer, the man behind Full Tilt Poker.Daniel Negreanu which is cold with Annie Duke long, did not mince his words: 'why? Fly people with Ultimate Bet? Keep Russ Hamilton money and never pay him? Steal money from the players to the tables?"

According to him, Annie Duke would be perfect to have its name on the Poker Hall of Shame (the wall of shame in poker) and not on the Poker Hall of Fame!

And it does not stop there. Daniel is known for being a colorful, friendly and very talkative. He likes to give his opinion to who wants to (and does not) hear it.Recently in an interview in Hungary, he stated on the Full Tilt Poker case:

"The company was run by idiots. Do not blame the players like Phil Ivey. This is not their fault, they did not take decisions. They did nothing wrong. On the other hand, Howard Lederer and Ray Bitar are really buffoons, arrogant idiots who totally scammed gamers. They should repay 1000 x what they stole to be honest. »

To see the interview with Negreanu, you can watch here

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