Chun Lei Zhou is patpatpanda and samrostan on Full Tilt Poker

On Full Tilt Poker tables, long asked that Isildur1 was to learn later that it was Viktor Blom. The majority of the players to the high limits on Full Tilt is known, but other names on tables do not have to face to which you can associate them.

It was the case of "samrostan", "Tight-Man1", and "patpatpanda" until quite recently.

A recent interview with PokerNews reveals that Chun Lei Zhou is "samrostan". Chun also revealed that the German Christoph Vogelsang was 'Tight-Man1'.

We also learn that Paul Phua is "MalACEsia" and that Chun Lei Zhou is "samrostan", formerly known and surely better known under the pseudonym of "patpatpanda".

He explains: "Yes,"patpatpanda", it's me,"samrostan", it's me. '' I play for a long time and I lost a bit of money. Then, I changed my account "samrostan". »

"Some money" said. With regard to the performance of Chun, it is clearly a losing player. Its statistics are as follows:

"samrostan" 165,873 hands - 6. $2M
"patpatpanda"-2, 6 M$

That totals losses of 8. 8 M$, making him one of the biggest losers on the tables at Full Tilt Poker

Regarding the losses he experienced at the tables, he explains: "' it's ok. Before, I was only playing no limit Hold'em. Sometimes, no one wanted to play me then I learned new variants and I lost a lot of money. "I love to play poker.

Indeed, we doubt not his love for poker to invest as much money. Only Gus Hansen has lost more money than him on Full Tilt tables.

He also States that he will hardly play Hold'em to concentrate on Omaha and mixed games. Although it acknowledges not to be the best player in the world, Chun Lei Zhou is afraid of no one and is ready to face anyone, as long as his opponent wants. He also played against the best.

And it must be taken with words, who has already suffered a 40-hour session, according to his account!

In passing, it emits a few words about Isildur1, one of his frequent opponents: "it's a good player. Like me, he never sleeps. Sometimes, I'm exhausted, but I continued to play. That happens to me when I lose a lot. Time, you need to know to withdraw, but I'm never leaving. When I win, I want to crush them. When I run good, many players go, but when I lose, they remain and they play. And I also play. When they leave, I play over and over again. If I win, I still play and if I reperds a bit, maybe I'll go to bed.

In closing, he said that he prefers the game online for obvious reasons: a quick game that allows you to multi-table. The fact that the parties are more difficult does not seem to scare the young man who is very competitive, even though it is far from the best.

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