Case Nori: PartyPoker lawyers respond

This week, PokerCollectif spoke you of a sleazy decision of the PartyPoker online poker room. For those who have not had the time to read this story, we invite you to read here: case Nori and PartyPoker



Obviously, the player in question would not let do and believing that he had done nothing illegal, he decided to bring the case to justice. What is sad in this story is that the player in question (Nori) is a pro player and will probably more time to retrieve his 8-9 K euros if he had to win on a poker table, but it's still a question of principle here.

Remained silent for a few weeks, the PartyPoker operator has decided to end its silence by the mouth of his lawyers yesterday. Here's what they had to say:

"It is in the PartyPoker policy do not publicly comment on situations involving the holder of a specific account. However, it happens that some audits on accounts come to the knowledge of the public. As soon as PartyPoker teams learn such an event, they shall ensure that the procedure has been carried to the letter before reaching one any conclusion.

PartyPoker has recently been contacted by several players on a case heavily discussed on the forums. A new analysis of the account has been carried out in accordance with legal procedures and the requirements of the ARJEL and PartyPoker's own internal policy. All these measures are designed to protect players in the event of suspicion of unlawful practices, and they are followed very strictly. This second analysis confirmed the results of the first, so the decision taken on this case has been maintained.

PartyPoker must ensure that all players comply with the rules and follow the procedures and laws. All this was designed to protect players and the integrity of the systems of PartyPoker, and respect the Protocol of the ARJEL and French law."

Therefore, according to this letter from counsel for PartyPoker, Nori is not ready to reconsider his money since the second analysis confirmed the first. Will we have the details of this case? Probably not. One thing is certain: Nori confirmed that he would not abandon his money so easily. For now, his lawyers are in contact with the lawyers of PartyPoker and as soon as other developments are known, PokerCollectif will give them you immediately.

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