CardRunners introduced a "free" coaching system

In March 2008, CardRunners staff, one of the largest sites of poker training, became a member of team Full Tilt Poker in order to reach some of the best players in the world including Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Mike Matusow, and Howard Lederer. In September, the poker training site announced that it had merged with one of its rivals, StoxPoker, which focuses on small and buyin resources.

For a number of Full Tilt Points, everybody can get a free membership for one month on one or other of the training sites. If a player accumulates 2500 points on Full Tilt Poker, he or she is eligible for one free month on StoxPoker. If a player gets more than 4500 Full Tilt Points, he or she will be eligible for a month of training at CardRunners, which focuses on the higher limits. Finally, 7000 Full Tilt Points entitle players to enjoy a month of free training at the two sites.

Ezra Galston, Director for communications at CardRunners reported: "we are always looking to give something back to our community. Our relationship with Full Tilt Poker has made this possible. We approached Full Tilt Poker and we said that we should try to structure an arrangement whereby, if a player gets a lot of points, so we could give him something, like a free month at CardRunners.

Interested customers should go to and enter their Full Tilt Pokerusername. Everything from this point is set to automatic. CardRunners and StoxPoker dashboards will include the points total for each registered player, indicating the number of Full Tilt Points earned and the number necessary to achieve a free membership. There's no fee on

This promotion appeals to gamers of all levels. You only need 2500 points for one free month on StoxPoker. This is something that players of lower levels can easily make. "If a player wants to know if the training is useful, a week of StoxPoker membership is available for 625 Points Full Tilt."

StoxPoker coaches team includes Nick Grudzien, Bryce Paradis, Dusty Schmidt, Kyle Hendon, Ed Miller, Matt matros, and Jared Tendler. Grudzien is known as "Stoxtrader" online and is the founder of the site. He is also a fine player Limit and No Limit Hold'em.

The team at CardRunners includes co-founder Taylor Caby and Andrew "muddywater" Wiggins "Green Plastic". Brian Townsend, Brian Hastings, Mike Schneider and Cole South. CardRunners recently hired the former manager of the PokerStars poker room, Lee Jones, to oversee its customer service and video production services. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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