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Nothing surprising, just an announcement concerning the departure of BlueFirePoker. The original announcement can be read here: announcement BlueFirePoker departure Phil Galfond.

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Hello to our members,

I am the co-founder of BlueFirePoker and I started this site with Phil. As a former poker player myself, we have launched this website to create the video site's strategy with the highest possible quality standards so that members can pick up the biggest possible edge and we have recruited a team that made this possible mission.

At BlueFirePoker, we are sad to the departure of Phil. It has been a privilege for us to work with a player of this caliber - he contributed much to the parties and to this community. Since its announcement, there was much discussion in the community on his departure. We are here to clarify some confusing points.

We want to begin by saying that we apologize for the poor communication relating to the departure of Phil. His announcement has been moved from his blog at BlueFirePoker forums section. We also announced the news via our Twitter by including a link, but this link has created some confusion and the echo of the message has exceeded its original meaning.

We are always looking for talent in the poker community to create the best videos possible for our subscribers. We have formed a team that helps our members to have access to the ultimate poker coach, be it in cash games, SNGs and MTTs. We will continue what we have already started to build, and I hope that we will have the opportunity to continue to improve the experience of thousands of subscribers who use the resources that we put at your disposal. 

Tell us what you want to see and ask the questions you want to ask. In addition, avoid the following page for more information:

Please help us make the best strategy available video site of BlueFirePoker.

Bill Murphy



In the section with a link is posted above, there is the question: "Why Phil left?" And the simple answer is: "Phil has done a lot of videos for BlueFirePoker and decided to move to something else.

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