Black Friday: Ray Bitar avoids jail but is take 40 M$

PokerCollectif had spoken you of this news lately: Ray Bitar will avoid prison for health problems

After deciding to plead guilty, Ray Bitar appeared before Judge Loretta Preska Manhattan district Monday, April 15, 2013.

As anticipated, Ray will avoid prison for health problems.  Counsel for both parties agreed that the prison would be "extremely inconsistent" with the treatment of Bitar. The judge in that case ruled that imprisonment for Ray Bitar would be the equivalent of a death sentence for the former boss of Full Tilt Poker.

According to Dave Behr Sitemap, Bitar expressed his sorrow: "I regret my actions. I know that they were wrong and illegal." I'm really sorry"he said. "I'm really sorry for the problems encountered Full Tilt. This should never have come".

Bitar sentence could have been much more severe if there was need of a heart transplant. "The key element of this sentence is the precarious health of Mr. Bitar" judge Preska said. "The federal Bureau of Prisons is not able to provide the care which Mr. Bitar needs. The prison would kill him almost without a doubt. The possibility of a jail sentence would make Mr. Bitar ineligible for a transplant, which would be tantamount to a death sentence".

In summary, Bitar avoids prison but will have to divest itself of 40 M$ of personal assets.

The judge in that case said: "I believe that nobody would trade its position with his".

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