Bet against Negreanu and Ivey WSOP to 1:1

Yesterday, Daniel Negreanu launched on Twitter (@ReadKidPoker):

"WSOP Bracelet Bet Offering: me and @philivey as a team, you can bet the don't on either of us winning a bracelet this summer at even money."

In short, if Ivey or Negreanu wins a bracelet, you lose, if none wins one, you win. So far, it's a standard bet. What is less, it is "even money" (odds of 1:1).

If you want to bet against their team, you can write to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Daniel Negreanu Assistant).

Minimum bets are $ 5,000. You can bet up to 1 M$.

The new did not fail to react the Twoplustwo community.

According to you, is it crazy to offer odds to 1:1? You bet against them?

You can discuss on PokerCollectif forums: bet against Negreanu and Ivey WSOP to 1:1


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