A new web series has just been published: Game Theory!


A new web series that looks interesting has just been published. Obviously, the series is performed with little means and for this reason, you have reasonable expectations, but driver looks about the same interesting (see below)!

Performed by Aidin Nakhai, "Game Theory" will propose to follow the daily life of a grinder attempting to rebuild a monetary health after the Black Friday scandal. Back to live with his parents, he will leave nothing while faced with his father, who sees it as a gambler without a future.

The Director will subsequently offer users to invest in the project and even become producer to make an interactive series!

Initially, the pilot also was proposed no for free on the Internet. The payment of a sum of $ 2 was required to watch it and, indirectly, to support the project.

This formula did not get success, Aidin solved two days ago to allow free access to the driver. Recalling that a wave of donations would be necessary for the realization of a second episode.

Tathjana Pasalic said his support for the project and may see it in a future episode of the series (it would be less starting lineup).

The Director of the film shows on its official website:

"My ambition with Game Theory, is to bring an authentic dimension to which players can identify. The series will explore characters rich in colours, as well as the many difficulties they may encounter in this universe of poker.

I wish me more on the route of a character in particular, but also give an important place to the complex reasoning of the poker player. One of the things that I like in poker enthusiasts, is their ability to analyse in depth hands, to develop a thorough reasoning...

The character is still only at the beginning of his learning process. He is likely to commit errors that he will be brought to rehash [...] The strategic aspects have so much importance. I hope that the poker community will adhere to the concept and support the project."

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