A book for Duhamel, loss of jobs at FTP and new tournaments at Titan


The book of Poker_jaune is available

The autobiographical book by poker_jaune aka Jonathan Duhamel is now available in bookstores at a price of $ 24.95. "Cards on the table" summary reads as follows: "Jonathan Duhamel, who has defied predictions to reach the highest echelons of poker tells us that all these provisions, and many others, are essential to anyone who wants to rise to the forefront."

Loss of jobs at FTP

180 jobs will be lost at Pocket Kings, located in Dublin which manages the Full Tilt Poker software. For the sake of restructuring, pending the arrival of an investor, it is more possible to keep people who will however receive allowances of redundancies.

To date, 33% FTP staff have already lost their jobs.

New law to tax french poker players

New tax that could require professional poker players to declare their income related to poker and pay a fee. The law in question key "for a long time, experienced players, whose activity is more akin to a professional activity as a leisure activity". Little further read "on the tax plan, we must remember that in principle gains during the games, even performed in a usual way, are not the product of a gainful occupation or a source of profit to give rise to taxation. But otherwise any gains realized by 'professional players' Poker: in the current forms of the game, the concept of chance fades before the skill and know-how of the players. "

What will do for regular bad? Players break-even? When it has to do with dollars, poker suddenly becomes a game of skills.

Titan launches a series of tournaments

Titanpoker.com has launched qualifying satellites which award seats to four tournaments online poker with 1 M$ price guaranteed in total, as well as a live event which will be held in Prague.

IPOPS (iPoker Online Poker Series) includes four online events that will take place between November 28 and December 4, 2011 next. Each event will offer a wide price guaranteed and direct entries. Titan Poker will host at any time (24/7) of qualifying satellites to these tournaments with buy-ins as small as $ 10 + $0.01.The iPOPS will end with the $500,000 guaranteed prize freezeout tournament December 4, 2011.


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