Winamax authorizes the change of name at 6 months

On several online poker sites, our name is permanent. This policy has several positive points and negative points.

One of the negatives is that, given the State of the games of today, several players receive more action. For example, you are an excellent regular heads-up on NL400 tables, good are the chances that very few players want to play you. Therefore, you wait for hours to have action. On the other hand, if you're a fish, the bumhunters will rush on your tables when you take a seat (which reduces your life expectancy in the poker economy).

Recently, Winamax has announced a new policy allowing its players to change my screen name once every 6 months. According to the operator, this measure is not aimed at reducing the bumhunting, but simply meets a desire by many players.

According to Winamax: "it's done, you can now change nickname on Winamax keeping your account and all your benefits. "Go to your personal space and choose your new poker blase."

This measure is the happiness of each, but also the misfortune of others. When a player will change nickname, you will lose your notes on him, hands accumulated for this player in your tracker, and you'll more no read on your opponents; everything will be reset to 0.

The positive point is that this measure will generate more action between the regulars.

Is it a necessary measure for the future of online poker? Several rooms are trying to find solutions to promote action on the tables. For example, there are some time PokerCollectif spoke you of the upcoming measure at PokerStars for the Zoom highstakes tables only.

Is allowing players to change their nickname is another passage obliged to modernize?

Winamax remains cautious about this new policy and will remain careful about the consequences of this new policy. It is not impossible that times are changing in the future to allow that a change of name every 12 months.

According to you, being able to change his pseudonym on the poker tables is a positive or negative policy for online poker?

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