Video free coaching: Limpers videos! (FRENCH)

Vidéos Limpers en Français

Thanks to DonLimit on Howcast: he put at the disposal of the people the videos of Limpers.

For those who don't know, it was a french video coaching site which DonLimit was one of the coaches. Unfortunately, the site fell to the abandonment and exists more today... but fortunately for gamers, it is now possible to listen to videos free.

Among the players pro limpers, one can find there the videos of Moirhums (the old on PokerCollectif the recognize: he had begun his apprenticeship on PC and had quickly risen through the ranks), ofAlexonmoon (Alexandre Luneau, who also won the WCOOP HighRoller in 2013: 235 k gain!) and many others.

Obviously, some videos are a bit (the site was online from January 2009 and ceased to be updated aware of 2012), but for sure, many smaller limits players will improve by watching these videos... especially as videos in french are rather rare.

You can listen to videos of Limpers streaming on PokerCollectif in the strategysection and then VIDÉOS LIMPERS.

For those who prefer to download them instead, you can do it directly here:


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