UB scandal: Annie Duke issued a press release

Last week, PokerCollectif you had been part of an audio recording in which Russ Hamilton admitted his guilt regarding the scandal that it knows about UB (formerly Ultimate Bet).

Following this record, many are posed questions regarding involvement in this scandal of the 2 headliners of the site, in this case Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke. In the middle of all the revelations contained in these records, snippets of conversation evoked Annie Duke and his knowledge of the "God Mode" or "Super User Account", a device allowing to see the cards of his opponents at the table.

In response to these remarks, Annie Duke announced on Twitter:

"I had access to the functionality to see the cards after a certain time, functionality that I update benefit only a few tournaments of Ultimate Bet of which I was the guest."

"The existence of this watch with time-out had been made public during these broadcasts of tournaments. It is indeed also a usual practice for the WSOP commentators."

"Sad to note that some types make accusations and make assumptions without having all the elements to judge."

Wanting to say more than these a few tweets, Annie Duke has recently decided to publish a long press release on her Facebook.

Here are a few excerpts:

"Listen to these recordings that describe a real plan on the part of some founders of Ultimate Bet, including Russ Hamilton and Greg Pierson, to hide their cheating business reminds me once again how sorry I am to have been associated with the people responsible for this scandal. The publication of these records was the source of accusations and I want to ensure that I've never used feature, with a deadline or not, that gave me to me or anyone else access to the cards of the opponents during parts in real money. I should add that I've never had knowledge of such a tool before the outbreak of the scandal."

"Documents put online by Travis Makar and others demonstrate also clearly who were the personalities of the Ultimate Bet scandal, and I was therefore not involved in manoeuvres in any way whatsoever."

"During the comments of tournaments, I saw hands played exactly the same way as any other Viewer. We commentions on the basis of the live, and dissemination of our comments was undergoing a period of time as is usually the case to avoid impacting the game. [...] The existence of this period was publicly assumed during broadcasts. We have never seen four pocket cards that also broadcast."

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