Traffic on different sites

decrease_graphFor those who want to follow the evolution of traffic on different poker sites, the site is the nuts in the field. This week, it was noticed, as is the case since time immemorial, PokerStars is the most popular site in terms of players.

After April 15, Cereus was one of the networks most affected by black friday. Shortly after this Black Friday, Cereus saw its traffic decreased by 75%. Today, according to PokerScout, note that traffic declined by 92%. On the tables of cash games, more or less 100 players are seated at the tables (versus more or less 2000 players last week).

With respect to the winners, note that the Merge network has seen its traffic skyrocketed. It ranks 8th in the most popular poker sites behind:


1 - PokerStars
2 full Tilt Poker
3 - iPoker
4 - PartyPoker
5 - Ongame
6 - Pokerstars.NET
7 -

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