Tournament: PokerStars wants to beat his own Guinness world record in February

In June 2013, PokerCollectif had announced you to beat his own world record with 225,000 participants at a tournament in online poker.

Today, when you look in the PokerStars lobby, you will see that this tournament will be played again this year and that the objective was set at 230,000 participants! PokerStars hopes to beat its own record (that does will be not so early by another poker room).

In the usual, the tournament is $ 1 without rake. The maximum number of entries has been set at 230,000 players and the warranty is $ 300,000, which means that the tournament will include overlay (graduate scholarships number of entries). Not only for this $ 70,000 free money, it will be interesting to play this tournament.

The tournament has annually in addition to players. For example, in 2009, 149,000 players took part in this tournament. At the end of 2011, it is 200,000 players who participated. In June 2013, as outlined above, is 225,000 players who have enrolled in this Guinness record tournament.

What will happen for 2014? What is the last year record will be beaten?

And you, will you? In closing, each player who will participate in this tournament will be an avatar in the colours of his nationality.

After participating in this tournament, you will receive a certificate from the Guinness world records organization to certify that you have participated in this record. You simply provide the postage.

The tournament will be held February 23 at 13:02 and. $ 25,000 will be guaranteed for the winner of the tournament.

If you still have no account PokerStars and you want to open one, you can do and enjoy a 100% deposit bonus / $ 600 thanks to PokerCollectif.

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