The legal online poker in the United States


The State of Nevada has officially legalize online gambling in the United States in granting a first licence real money to the South Point Poker & Casino operator. This operator thus becomes the first to offer the online poker to residents of Nevada (State in which we find the city of Las Vegas).

The Nevada Gaming Commission also formally approved Casino Reno Monarch as a gaming operator and, Global Cash Access Holdings (GCA).

South Point Poker LLC doesn't have the assistance of a third-party company to run its online games offer.

The South Point Casino & Spa in Las Vegas Hotel already proposed play free games on its site since last year, but the software in real money should be completely different from the one used.

The company has responded to a very strict specifications, such as the verification of the profiles of the players and their possible exclusion. Peter Bernhard, the head of the commission, said that "we will all check so that the regulation is well respected because other sites will follow".

Once the clean tech site tested by an independent laboratory, verified and secure, will receive the approval of the commission. The company indicated in being in the 2nd phase of tests. Until then the site offered free money games that will continue alongside the real. In the light of comments on various forums, it appears that the app should however be reviewed in terms of interactivity and interface.

A few changes are still to do, but South Point software should be in line as early as next October.

Michael Gaughan owner of the hotel and the airport McCarran in Las Vegas slot machines said: "we are very pleased to enter into the world of online gaming. It's an incredible forward. It will redefine the game and what the State can do. »

According to a recent estimate, the United States online gaming market could be 5 billion by 2015.

It should be noted that currently, 30 companies are currently on the list, waiting to get the same license as South Point Poker. Among these companies, were found including Caesars Interactive Entertainment, the American partner of barrier poker, Golden Gaming, Fertitta Interactive, Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts International.

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