The celebrations for the hand 50,000,000,000 are started on PokerStars.

promotion_pokerstars_bonus_50_milliard_main.jpg The 50 billionth hand awarded on PokerStars . Difficult to conceive 50 billion figure is so huge. Yet it is this number of hands will go PokerStars during the month of September.

To celebrate the occassion, PokerStars launches the celebrations for 50 billionth hand. Several prizes will be awarded: bonuses, freerolls, special sit'n'go where players will share $ 50,000, plus special prizes for the players involved in the hand. In total, more than a million dollars in prizes will be awarded! To participate? Nothing more simple. You are automatically register if you already have an account on PokerStars. Otherwise, simply create one by clicking on the advert to your right you create an account and take advantage of freerolls (bonus code: freeroll50), hands milestones, special SnG and an extra bonus!

Milestones hands:

Players involved at every millionth hand between 49,700,000,000 hands and 50000000000 receive $ 50 per VPP earned in the previous 50 hands; the winner will also receive double the prize won at hand.

Hand # 50000000000:

In hand # 50000000000, each player involved will receive $ 500 per VPP earned in the previous 50 hands played in more than one entry for the WCOOP Main Event ($ 5200) to be held on September 26 . In addition to all these prizes, the player winning the hand will receive $ 50,000 additional.

Super sit'n'go 50 players:

Tournament players can also participate in Sit'n'go Super 50 players, who held 24h/24, 7 days out of 7 between 10 and 25 September. These sit'n'go cost $ 1.10, $ 5.50, $ 11, $ 22 or $ 55. $ 50,000 will be shared among the winners of different levels.

Three freerolls $ 50,000 each:

For fans freeroll, there will also be three freerolls worth $ 50,000 each to be held Sept. 25 for players who use the bonus code "Freeroll50" or reload bonus "50bn".

$ 50 bonus for 3000 FPP:

Finally, it is possible for all players receive $ 50 for only 3000 FPPs accumulated.

Good luck to all!

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