Some details about the PokerStars Poker Zoom

All members of PokerCollectif already know: PokerStars recently launched its Zoom Poker, the equivalent of the RushPoker de Full Tilt application. Rare are those who have not yet tried. All started quietly with play money tables, then $0.01/$0.02 then 0.02$/0.05$. Today, include the try and even of 100nl on the site. You will also see PLO tables were opened and you can play the PLO-$2, OLP-$25 and OLP-$100. The "Other" tab is still empty, but it leaves us anticipate other variations in format Zoom.



The influence has been very good for the poker room since this has boosted traffic if we did the site which calculates the traffic on the various rooms of online poker, PokerScout. Last week, 6 of the biggest poker rooms have lost about 3.5% of their traffic while the traffic at PokerStars is approximately the same 1% ready. Zoom Poker there is obviously for something.

According to PokerScout, 25% of PokerStars players have tried Zoom Poker in the early days. Please note that Zoom Poker table will distribute his hands about 3 times faster than a usual table. In other words, a Zoom Poker table is equivalent to 3 standard tables of volume of hands. Given the volume of hands which increases also significantly, you could say that PokerStars has increased its traffic into cash game by approximately 50% (short, PokerStars distributes more hands).

PartyPoker is the 2nd largest playroom for the cash games. There are an average of 4200 players for the cash games only. For his part, PokerStars has an average of 25,800 players from cash game and obviously at the forefront in this area. It is therefore no coincidence that PartyPoker decided soon it also to launch its own version of the Rush Poker since there is no patent on this invention and so that it can be freely taken by any poker room. Please also note that Zoom Poker could soon make its appearance on Poker room

We like or we like to Zoom Poker, but strength is to confess that it has several advantages. By example, if playing on his iPad Poker you never interested because it was impossible to multitable (or almost), Zoom Poker will be what seduce you because, as said above, a Zoom Poker table is equivalent to 3 standard tables. It would therefore be very easy 1 - build without too bored. Zoom Poker is therefore the format par excellence for all portable devices (phones, iPod, iPad, tablets, etc).

In closing, to all those who ask the question, the team Hold'em Manager 2 very strong currently works in an update to be able to support the rapid PokerStarstables. By the end of the week, you will be able to use your HUD on these tables. On Hold'em Manager 1, the team also confirmed on Twoplustwo they would do the necessary updates so the HUD works on tables Zoom. Priority will however be given a HEM2.

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