PokerStars on your smartphone early 2012

This is at least what we learned Alexis Laipsker, Director of communications at PokerStars France. In his words: "it will be the first quarter of 2012".



PokerStars are not the first became interested in poker on Smartphones because to date, Winamax and Bwin already offer poker on smartphone.

Software-specific information are not yet known, but it will be, it seems not possible to take notes on players. In addition, it will be possible to multi - build up to 5 tables. I do not know if this option is really desirable, but whatever it is, it will be.

Alexis says: "will be on the application all of the features of PokerStars.". In addition to the game, the interface will offer videos (EFA, FPS, Live Poker, Bluff House, tournaments commented, etc.) ».

Interesting precision: the PokerStars application will be compatible with all types of smart phones, which is very good news.

To date, an application of the kind is already available in Italy since last November, PokerStars launched its first app for iPhone and iPad. Available on the Itunes Store, the application offers the Italians to play tournaments and cash games with real money.

The PokerStars implementation is good news for everyone, particularly because it will increase the recreational player on their site traffic. Obviously, no HUD could be used on tables and this game offers much more interested players amateurs and pros, but being able to play poker on the road, in without his laptop is interesting.

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